As Ireland prepares to recommence film & TV production at the end of June there are a number of health & safety concerns to be addressed to ensure the welfare of all persons engaged in the industry.

It’s a tough time for the global film industry, for which the pandemic represents a disruption of seismic proportions. All movie production spaces have been officially “locked down” and all talent – whether in front of or behind the camera – has been quarantined.

As pointed out in this article by the World Economic Forum the Film industry is innovating with creative distancing and digital technology at the forefront of a digital transformation. While this transition is happening we are still going to have to address the immediate concerns of:

  1. A shortage in suitable or convenient facilities for set production and shooting
  2. Individual safety and contact tracing on location and set.

1. EC-Set Dome: Flexible capacity

A dramatic uptick and surge in demand as productions return will mean key studio space will be at a premium and potentially increased cost. have a solution that will allow you to prioritise the space that you have booked ensuring the appropriate infrastructure is available when you need. By deploying our EC-Set Dome you can duplicate your space when & where you need it. Ideal for:

  • filming and green screen sets
  • set building & paint shop
  • equipment store
  • rehearsal
  • subdivision into catering, hair, makeup and wardrobe facilities with adequate social distancing.

The EC-Set Dome is spacious (7880m2 floor) and weatherproof. It is erected with all Eurocode certification for fire and safety rating for rigging and engineering. See more configurations and technical details in the presentation below.


From Reactec bring you SAFEDISTANCE a workplace distancing and monitoring facility that ensures everyone is aware of the invisible barriers we need to recognise.

In line with the recommended Heath & Safety practices advised by Safe Sets International; your PPE protocol should be augmented with proper recognition of social distancing in the workplace. SAFEDISTANCE allows your production safety officer to

  • real-time monitor at risk situations
  • maintain correct & appropriate contact tracing records
  • use technology to support the requirement for contractors & staff to manage avoidable risk

You can read more about how it works here and contact our project managers who will happily explain and demo the system for you.