We recently announced availability of SAFE-DISTANCE through our group partners and would like to share some more information on how this clever technology can be used to safeguard workers on your projects or building sites.

The manufacturer Reactec originally developed their HAVwear system as a method of monitoring Hand Arm Vibration and mitigating the dangers of risk exposure. COVID-19 induced a business pivot and through innovative engineering they have developed SAFE-DISTANCE on an established system of personal health risk monitors with automatic safe and resilient data transfer to an intuitive on-line GDPR compliant data analytics.

  1. All users have their own wrist band and a Reactec ID card used to sign out a HAVwear watch from its docking station at the start of their shift or entry to a site office.
  2. The HAVwear watch uses blue-tooth technology to automatically register close interactions with other wearers and immediately warns them with vibration and sound feedback. No personal data is shown.
  3. The HAVwear watch is returned to a docking station at the end of the shift or when a visitor leaves a site for automatic data gathering to provide automatic emailing of alerts and reports the next day - by 3am.
  4. A RASOR device can also be added to gather real-time data from HAVwear devices within the working day for real-time local or remote intervention. RASOR gathers data from all HAVwear devices within a 40m range. A RASOR can be assigned to an individual or mounted at a fixed location in a charger. When assigned to an individual, RASOR will provide warnings to that individual when within an unsafe distance of other HAVwear or RASOR devices.
How does SAFE-DISTANCE determine the proximity of individual wearers
SAFE-DISTANCE determines the proximity of wearers based on the signal strength of Bluetooth radio signals between each device within a vicinity. This provides a good indication when users are within 2 meters of each other as opposed to a measurement of their separation.
SAFE-DISTANCE’s ability to detect proximity of wearers is less hampered by body blocking than that of torso worn devices or smart phone-based apps which may be carried in a pocket. A wrist worn device can benefit from hand/arm movement to allow for a wider arc of personal space monitoring. SAFE-DISTANCE also monitors the duration of proximity and is configured to avoid raising false alarms from colleagues being close for very short periods - such as briefly walking past each other.
Intuitive Analytics
The Reactec Analytics is an on-line hosted data management system, with over 12,000 users who benefit from access to GDPR compliant management of their employees data and informative automatic reporting and recording of interventions.
Reactec Analytics allows you to review the behaviour of all your employees including the number and duration of unsafe distancing events.
If contact tracing is required, supervisors can use this data internally to review which workers might need to be managed in line with your isolation policies. Drill into each operator’s contact list over a specified period of time, when contact tracing is required.

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