A unique system to help you be COVID-READY in the workplace

Alerts workers if they have strayed to within an unsafe distance of a colleague in realtime

Provides corporate ownership of a workplace problem

Contact tracing - Analytics reporting quickly identifies individuals who have worked in close proximity

Informs employers of the frequency and duration of close proximity events with GDPR analytics reporting

Re-purposed industrial grade system - established 2016

Wrist worn to optimise bluetooth blindspots

SAFE-DISTANCE is Proven Technology

The innovative engineers at Reactec has developed SAFE-DISTANCE on a proven system of personal health risk monitors with automatic safe and resilient data transfer to an intuitive on-line GDPR compliant data analytics.

Over 70,000 individuals have used Reactec’s wrist worn device for monitoring exposure to harmful vibrations whilst over 16,000 users have securely accessed the on-line reporting system.
With over 10 years’ experience of personal health risk monitoring in arduous environments, Reactec is well positioned to bring SAFE-DISTANCE to help your workplace return to work safely.


Helps businesses work safely and efficiently

A HAVwear watch provides users with SAFE-DISTANCE instant alerts to help them avoid being too close to colleagues.
Docking stations gather and transmit data safely for next day automatic SAFE-DISTANCE reporting of social distance behavior.
Add RASOR either in fixed locations or carried by a supervisor to gather live SAFE-DISTANCE breach data.
Supervisors carrying a RASOR can have peace of mind that RASOR will alert them to their own proximity to other HAVwear or RASOR users.