Working from home is not stressful, right?

Imagine you could continue to work in your current job but without the rushed morning commutes, the traffic, the noise, the stress. How good would your life be?

If you could, for arguments sake, work remotely, in a private space specifically suited to the job in hand with no interruption. How would that feel?

But, right now, here you are. Without any of that.

The #WFH reality...

You've struggled through lockdown with computers on laps, kitchen tables, home schooling, Zoom calls with kids running around, organising dinner between calls. What went wrong? What happened the blissful romantic idea of working from home everyone talked about?

But, it doesn’t have to be this way:

There is a way you can start working from home without all the stress. Here at we have the answer for you.

We're in the same boat

We took the unprecedented step in April this year to close our offices and move our project management team to remote working, most are at home, some converted garden sheds or set up in the spare room. We realised that to remain a cohesive team we had to retain some common element of a structured work place. According to this RTE report there are "7 Problems you'll face when Working from Home" at we experienced them all and set out to solve them for ourselves.

Being the creative and innovative sorts that we are we invested a lot of time and effort in coming up with concepts, researching products and looking at possible solutions.

To stay remote working, we had a checklist of what we were looking for:

  • → a unique space that we could dedicate to working in, close the door and 'go home' at the end of the day
  • → ecologically aware and compatible with our lifestyles & business ethos
  • → durable construction that represented value for money

The discovery

The excitement when we found the perfect answer was unreal! We looked at a LOT of option. We read as much as we could find on the pitfalls & perils of working from home. We were reading scientific research on the benefits of remote working & statistical reports on the trends, wishes and desires for future work from home options.

The excitement continued when we realised that what we settled on (it ticked all the boxes and added some too!)  is known to be natures most efficient structure (as established by the Honeycomb Conjecture) as a hexagon.

We had found HYVE!!

Working with HYVE are delighted to announce a distribution and agency agreement with HYVE offering a new solution for remote working.

HYVE is a fully fitted, self contained, ergonomically designed work from home office. Built to offer a new way for companies to facilitate productivity for remote working employees.

"Extensive research and consideration of alternatives, led us to HYVE to provide us with a solution for our own working from home operations," says Donal Molloy, Managing Director at Seating & Access Contracts.

"We have experienced the benefits ourselves and now we are excited to be in a position to offer the same solution to other companies currently considering options for their working from home and remote staff workplaces."

 Some of the features and benefits of HYVE home office pods include.

  • → Safe, secure workspace for our employees
  • → Increase in employee well-being and satisfaction
  • → Time dividend to employees in reduced commuting times
  • → Reduction in operational costs on office facilities
  • → Positive environment impact - 58.5% reduction in our CO2 footprint
  • → Reduction in commute and travel related expense and stress
  • → Clear delineation between work and home reducing stress and burnout
  • → The efficient hexagonal shape allows maximum exposure to natural light fostering a comfortable, productive working environment

Would you like to find out more about HYVE buildings?

Customise your home office space to suit your needs

Don't change your job. Change where you want to work.

Why opt for this as your work life reality...

Think of the disruption and stress caused by the status quo
For you: traffic chaos, lack of work-life balance, rigid hours inflexible, time commuting & lack of me-time, family-life, cost of commuting and lunches
For companies: punctuality, absenteeism, stressed workforce, overhead and real estate costs, recruitment turnoff, staff management & facillities

.... when you can have this as your new normal.

Think of the benefits of working from home...
For you: Productivity, work-life balance, greater flexibility, less commuting & more time, family-life, cost reduction in commuting and food-on-the-go.
For companies: Staff retention, higher productivity levels, greater flexibility, lower overhead and real estate costs, less recruitment, induction and training costs.

Which HYVE do you belong to?

HYVE 100 - 2427LD

The premier HYVE model with all you need to remote work.

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The only difficult decision

Lies in choosing which HYVE you belong to?

Our project managers are on hand to help you choose based on their own experience in HYVE.

Available on the phone or through the Live Chat app here, they are ready to help you make your decision.

HYVE 100 - 2427S

The Luxury HYVE 100 with upgraded features for you.

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