Pivoting our Streetscapes

Pivoting is very much the 'in' word at the moment.

So many of us in life and business are actively seeking our 'pivot' at the moment, mostly due to the intense disruption caused by the COVID-19 lockdown.

With the easing of lockdown restrictions in Ireland our hospitality industries are returning however they are having to deal with reduced capacities due to #socialdistancing which leaves businesses in a difficult position of balancing space available with revenue generation. In some cases this will mean the business, unfortunatley, may not be viable as a going concern.

One solution which is definitely gaining traction and is being seen as a potential life saver for struggling businesses is the pedestrianisation of some of our streets. Being Ireland, however, the unpredictability of the weather has an impact on the comfort of people using the streets as extended seating & dining spaces.

eventcentre.ie as specialists in building temporary structures have a solution to help when the weather is not cooperating. This short presentation outlines our idea:

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