The IBC is our most versatile modular space.

An International Broadcast Centre (IBC) is a building that we would provide as a facility to broadcasters at events.

Typically we would be provided with a specification for the construction of the communications hub by the main broadcasting service. It is within the IBC that all camera and audio feeds are brought together in the production rooms for distribution to global feeds.


Why is it versatile?

The IBC is built from a system of components that produce a modular structure capable of scaling to create a space that fits your needs.

Based on a grid format 10x10m grid the building can go in any direction or combination of directions to give you a large multistorey option if necessary.



Virtual Reality productions and commentary are becoming more popular. Using high speed broadband and 4G it is possible to produce interactive TV entertainment that is live and remote. Our VR studio can replicate your large scale production facilities at a location of your choice.


eventcentre.ie  can customise your EC-Build providing you with footprint & ceiling height options to construct a secure, weatherproof, rigid building for you to use as temporary storage. It can be used as temporary workshop space during rebuilding or renovation of existing buildings.


EC-Build is suited for use as a Field Hospital or Triage Facility. The rigid, weatherproof building is capable of long term deployment to extend existing facilities or provide solutions in remote areas where suitable structures may not be available.

See HRS for more details


Customising your IBC is an easy process

Stage 1: Project Estimate & Proposal

The project will start with an estimate for the structure. When we have more details, we’ll provide a more accurate proposal for your project.

Stage 2: Structure Design & Engineering

Our in house design team starts with producing renderings for both the interior and exterior of the space. From this, a technical drawing is developed, which is approved by our engineers and sent for permitting. Then comes the interior design and and planning to complete the design phase of the process.

Stage 3: Logistics & Installation

Lastly, we’ll plan the logistics of the project, from understanding access restrictions to planning for the equipment needed to complete the job. Once that’s sorted out, we’ll install and uninstall your temporary structure or semi-permanent building quickly and carefully.