HYVE 100 - 2427X work from home solution

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The HYVE 100 - 2427X is an iconic hexagon style which stands apart from the norm. Designed as individual spaces which can be simply clustered or interlinked together.

Additional Features of HYVE 100 -2427X

  • Upgraded Green roof & external cladding
  • Upgraded window & door frames
  • Upgraded flooring & wall covering
  • Internal Heating & thermostat
Due to the simplicity of staying connected with clients and colleagues many busy people now choose to work remotely or from home. Adopting this workstyle brings many benefits such as improved health, extra time with family and saving the expense and environmental impact of a long commute.The HYVE Office provides a fully connected space where busy

professionals have everything they need to work efficiently separate

from the home environment.

Measuring 2.40 x 2.70 x 2.40m the HYVE 100 provides ample home office space without being intrusive.

Construction Features:

  • Roofcover -
    • 1.5mm EPDM waterproof membrane
    • Sedum natural green roof layer
  • Exterior cladding - 19mm Western red cedar TGV
  • Insulation - 40mm foil-faced rigid insulation to walls, floor & ceiling
  • Doors - 850 x 1900mm single, anthracite grey aluminium frame
  • Windows - 850 x 950mm anthracite grey aluminium frame frame, top hung opening pane
  • Interior flooring - 4.5mm wood effect vinyl planks
  • Interior walling - 10mm CombLyne veneered MDF board
  • Ceiling - 8mm CombLyne PVC panelling
  • Power (all prewired ready for connection to the electrical circuit)
    • (1) nr fuse box
    • (2) nr double socket with USB
    • (1) nr flush mount LED ceiling light
    • (1) nr Dimplex 1500W wall mounted electric heater & thermostat

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