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The SAFE-DISTANCE bundle incorporates all hardware, software, DAAS and accessories to provide social distance breach alerts to your workforce.

Ensuring your peace of mind at €417.80 per person.

HAVwear × 15

4 Bay Docking Station DST-SD4

HAVwear Silicone Wrist Strap (Pack of 10) × 1

HAVwear Holder (Pack of 10) × 1

RFID Read/Writer

SAFE-DISTANCE Annual DAAS Charge × 4

Personnel RFID ID Card (Pack of 10) × 1

1. All users have their own wrist band and a Reactec ID card used to sign out a HAVwear watch from its docking station at the start of their shift or entry to a site office.

2. The HAVwear watch uses blue-tooth technology to automatically register close interactions which breach social distance protocol proximity to other wearers and immediately warns them with vibration and sound feedback. No personal data is shown

3. The HAVwear watch is returned to a docking station at the end of the shift or when a visitor leaves a site for automatic data gathering to provide automatic emailing of reports the next day – by 3am.

4. A RASOR device can also be added to gather real-time data from HAVwear devices within the working day for real-time local or remote intervention. RASOR gathers data from all HAVwear devices within a 40m range. A RASOR can be assigned to an individual or mounted at a fixed location in a charger. When assigned to an individual, RASOR will provide warnings to that individual when within proximity of other HAVwear or RASOR devices.

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